There is no talking about the future without talking about the Amazon.

Welcome to Boma Brazil's Amazonia Summit

Join Boma Brazil on October 20-22, 2020 for an important discussion on the future of the Amazon and our role in protecting, restoring and regenerating it.

The Amazon rainforest plays a major role in many of the processes that make our planet habitable. But due to illegal activities such as mining, cutting trees, burning and cultivating soy, in addition to disorderly urban occupation, the Amazon rainforest is in extreme danger. Humans are causing irreparable damage to one of the largest biomes in the world - home to 10% of the world's biodiversity.

Our goal at Boma is to create a space of connection between varying demographics and stakeholders. We understand that expertise on the Amazon covers both knowledge and wisdom, and may be achieved in academic domains and through the lived experience of inhabitants of the rainforest. To this end, Boma Brazil has invited scientists, professors, indigenous leaders, innovators, and students to share their experiences and hopes for the Amazon. The Summit welcomes and encourages differences of opinion.

"Differences are precisely what make us individuals; it is by embracing difference that new ideas emerge, that cultures change, and that great transformations are possible" says Juliana Elorza, CEO of Boma Brazil.

More than 35 Brazilian and international speakers will come together to discuss issues such as illegal logging and mining, industrial agriculture, soil contamination and destruction of indigenous lands. The Amazonia Summit includes keynote speeches, interactive sessions, movie screenings, case studies, workshops and debates. Networking is facilitated by the Hopin platform directly with experts, partners and participants.

Register for Boma Brazil's Amazonia Summit to co-create solutions for the future of Amazon.


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