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We're thrilled that you're interested in joining the Boma community.

The Boma Community is a network of individuals who are working to create change in their local area and build a sustainable and brighter future for us all. We’re currently soft-launching our Boma Community Circles, and we’d love to have you join us.

At Boma, we understand that real change happens on a local level, which is why our community powers everything we do. Boma Circles empower communities: leaders, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, young people, and change-makers. They help people navigate our rapidly changing world so that we can be more intentional and intelligent about the future we’re creating. Boma Circles are focused on the intersection of technology, science, ethics, wellness, and art, and their aim is to develop solutions and create change. We are excited to see how you drive impact in your community.

Select the types of Boma Circle Events you'll be organizing. A Boma "Circle" is a group of community members that come together regularly to organize one or more actions listed below. You can find descriptions of Boma Circle formats here. Keep in mind you can also propose a new circle format. *


Please review the Boma Branding Guidelines. Your Community Circle name should start with "Boma" and be followed by your city, town, or school name. Example: "Boma Missoula," "Boma NYU," "Boma OxfordU," "Boma Spence School")


Thank you for being part of the Boma community. These questions will help us understand a little more about what are you planning in your community and the intended outcomes.

How many people will be a regular part of your Boma Circle? *

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